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Are you ready for a 5 Day Healthy Eating Kickstart?


August 28 - September 1, 2017

Do you use a meal delivery service - or have you been thinking about trying one? Perhaps you'd rather cook healthy meals on your own - but you're confused about what ingredients to use and which recipes to follow?

Please join me for my 5 Day Healthy Eating Kickstart and get the

best of both worlds!

Easy recipes, shopping lists, daily menus - along with expert

advice and the comfort of knowing that each meal is specifically

designed with healthful ingredients and delicious flavors.

If you’re ready to make a change in how you feel, join me starting August 28 so you can learn what foods help you to feel your best, select and prepare delicious and healthy recipes, and learn how to cook for yourself and your family in a simple and straightforward manner.

With the 5-Day Kickstart Program you will:

  • Totally re-set your eating habits so you can get back on track with your health goals

  • Curb your sugar and carb cravings and stop eating the junk and ice cream that snuck into your diet

  • Enjoy a whole-foods program with lots of support and easy recipes – there’s no fasting here

  • Learn how to really feed your body so you have radiant health and energy

  • OPTIONAL BONUS: Try out plant-based eating for 5 days - and learn how delicious it can be!

I'm ready now - sign me up!

I know there are a lot of programs out there promising to be a miracle cure, but the 5-Day Kickstart is different because it focuses on introducing lots of healthy, nutrient dense foods into your diet rather than restricting you to a few foods and drinks. Many people have already gone through one of my programs and have had incredible results.

And why is there a plant-based option?

Are there health benefits to eating a plant-based diet?

There is sound medical evidence that a plant-based diet contributes to longevity and good health. A balanced, varied plant-based diet is protective:

  • It’s high in fiber.

  • It provides adequate protein for growth and repair.

  • It’s high in antioxidants that are critical to neutralizing free radicals that cause aging and chronic disease, including cancer.

  • It’s high in vitamins and minerals.

  • It’s low in saturated fat that promotes heart disease.

  • Also, plants have much lower caloric concentration than animal protein overall, which allows for more food volume without excessive weight gain.

Sign me up!

What you’ll get in the 5-Day Kickstart kit:

  • A done-for-you guide that tells you exactly what to do and when, so you’ll never be left wondering whether you’re doing things right

  • Step-by-step guidance that will make sure your 5-Day Kickstart is a success!

  • A meal plan and recipes to help you find the right recipes with minimal challenges!

  • Direct support from me via the online virtual support forum the week of August 28 - September 1, 2017

  • Guidance on how you can get your family involved so you don’t feel like you’re a short-order cook


I’m all about making cooking EASY and FUN - two words that usually aren't associated with the preparing meals. In fact, I’m so committed to your success that you'll get the following bonuses just for signing up!

  • Bonus #1: A detailed meal plan complete with recipes and snack ideas so you won't even have to think about what to cook all week - sweet! (Valued at $147)

  • Bonus #2: A shopping list to take all the stress out of figuring out how many onions, bunches of kale, and carrots you need to buy - it's already done for you! (Valued at $57)

  • Bonus #3: A post strategy group phone session with me to help you figure out what to do next and how you can avoid going back to your old habits (Valued at $97)

  • Bonus #4: Bonus tips on how you can deepen your program to get the most out of your week, including what to do if you have to eat out (Valued at $37)

I did the math, and all the done-for-you materials, personal support and bonuses you’ll get are worth over $500 - the bonuses alone are valued at $338. But because I want you to start the fall off the right way, you’ll invest just $77 to re-set your eating habits, curb your cravings, and feel light as air. This is a seriously awesome deal - did you notice all those bonuses?!

Ready to get started NOW?

Money back guarantee: I believe my 5-Day Kickstart will help you feel more confident selecting healthier foods and you will feel better overall. If you follow the protocols and you find that doesn’t happen for you, just send an email to within two weeks of signing up and I’ll refund your money within 72 business hours, no questions asked. There’s absolutely no risk – if it doesn’t work, I’ll give you your money back.

Have questions? Great. I’d love to help you figure out if this is the right program for you. Send me an email at and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Lots of love and healthy eating,


(585) 943-4136

Privacy policy: I respect your privacy and hate spam as much as you do. I promise to never sell, rent or otherwise share your private contact information.

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