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Are you ready for a 5 Day Whole Food Challenge?

5 DAY SPRING DETOX PLUS THE (OPTIONAL) PLANT-BASED PROGRAM! May 15 - 19, 2017 A 5-Day Whole Foods Detox Program to Help You Feel Better, Have More Energy, and Learn How to Eat a Balanced Diet (Without Up Giving Real Food!) And a BONUS PLANT-BASED MEAL PLAN for those who would like to kick it up a notch! Are your pants a little tighter these days? Is your skin acting up? Do you have less energy than you would like? Do you find yourself craving sugar, carbs and all kinds of junk food? If you’re ready to make a change in how you feel join me May 15 - 19, 2017 so you can re-set your eating habits, focus on eating healthy whole foods, and learn how to feed your body what it really wants. With t




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