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This detox set me on the right track.  I felt so good that I decided to modify it slightly and keep on going.  Having sugar and dairy removed from my life is physically making me feel so good.  I NEVER thought I would be able to give those up - NEVER, and yet they are still gone.  Gluten is no longer with me either, but that did not intimidate me as much as saying goodbye to sugar and dairy. Thank you, Adrienne!

Amy, Rochester, NY

I began working with Adrienne after a serious medical emergency and wanted to explore if a dietary change could help with an ongoing medical condition. Adrienne took extra time to do research, as well as used her strong knowledge base to address the dietary needs associated with my illness. Her guidance gave me lifelong skills and simple changes that helped put me in remission and stay there for over three years at this point. I am so grateful to Adrienne for helping me to have my life back and live a healthy lifestyle. M.W., 2023

The recipes were easy, satisfying and tasty.  I will be making them again.  

PB Rochester, NY 

I cannot recommend Adrienne Markus to you any more highly. A lifestyle change based in large part on diet is not an easy thing to redevelop, believe me, but with Adrienne’s sensitive approach, her knowledge & support, I was able to finally make that change. In fact, I must add, having sustained a minor heart attack six years which has required annual monitoring, I had a checkup this week with my cardiologist who was taken aback by my appearance & explanation and said at this rate I wasn’t going to need her much longer. She then asked me if I would be willing to share my experience with a sizable audience of women. Now whoda thought that would have happened just a couple of months ago? Double-wow!!! To simply offer a suggestion in Nike’s commercial words: “Just Do It”! 

Nancy E., Rochester, NY

Adrienne Markus has embraced the philosophy "when we know better, we do better." Her thoughtful and information packed presentation offers "bite-sized" strategies that we can easily apply to our daily lives.

Rochelle, Rochester, NY

Adrienne touches on the practical aspects of buying and benefitting from your local farmers' markets. She has personal experience in family food planning and tailoring your meals to meet your nutritional needs. The cherry on the top is that she is easy to work with and down to earth.

Cindy, Rochester, NY

Interesting, informative and inspiring are the words I would use to describe Adrienne Markus' Healthy Living workshop. "Very yummy" are my six-year-old son's words to describe her green smoothie recipe.

Joanne, Rochester, NY

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