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Easy Tips to Avoid the Flu and Stomach Bug

Immune strengthening vegetables.

The Stomach Bug. Few things inspire more fear than hearing that the Stomach Bug is going around. And it is. The good news is that there are many things you can do to try to prevent your family from catching it. They are all easy, inexpensive and doable. And, they can all be implemented into your lifestyle on a permanent basis so that you are always ahead of the game and not simply waiting for viruses or bacteria to strike! So, what do to? 1. First, start with something that is so easy yet most people don't do. WASH YOUR HANDS AS SOON AS YOU GET HOME. Yes, right after you take off your shoes, (that is also another way to prevent illness) go directly to the sink, lather up with lots of soap and warm water, and scrub those hands. Make sure the rest of your family does the same. 2. Drink a lot of water. It's really important to keep yourself hydrated all the time - it helps to maintain healthy cells and provides a positive environment so that your organs can work effectively. 3. Incorporate foods that strengthen your immune system into your diet. Key foods include garlic, onions, turmeric, ginger, cruciferous vegetables, mushrooms, dark leafy greens, berries, citrus fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, beans and whole grains. Simple soup recipes are easy ways to get these nutrients. I've included a recipe at the end of this newsletter for you to try! 4. Make sure your vitamin D levels are adequate. Many physicians have a range where they like to see vitamin D levels stay within, so get tested, and supplement. It's very hard to get enough vitamin D, especially in the winter, so supplementation is a great idea. 5. Try to de-stress when you can. Elevated stress levels increase stress hormones which can then, in turn, weaken your immune system. Suggestions include yoga, meditation, hot baths, reading, going to a movie, calling a friend. Find something that works for you. 6. Find easy solutions. Do your kids only eat one food on this list? Is just thinking about eating all of these healthy foods stressing you out? Not to worry. Start small and simple. Make one simple change and work from there. One of the easiest, healthiest, most effective immediate AND long term solution that I have found, and that ANYONE can start with, is the concentrated, whole food nutrition of Juice Plus. Juice Plus contains over 30 different fruits and vegetables in a capsule or soft chewable. That's it. Not a vitamin. Not synthetic. Just immune-strengthening fruits and vegetables delivered in a stress-free, simple solution. Tested, researched, verified. No weird stuff or ingredients. Just fruits and vegetables. (And kids eat FREE!) Get your FREE sample today! Email me at and I will send you samples. Ready to get started now? Visit my website at to learn more.

What are you doing to strengthen YOUR immune system?